Member Data Policy

Terms of membership

  1. You will have to pay your membership fee annually to remain a member of EUROAVIA Stockholm. If you do not pay your membership fee before the time specified in the statutes, you will have to sign the membership contract again.
  2. Membership is not initiated until your membership fee has been transferred to EUROAVIA Stockholm.

Your personal information

  1. By accepting this contract, you agree that EUROAVIA Stockholm stores the following information about you: name, email, phone number, birth date, gender, course of study as well as information about your role in the association.
  2. We may also store other information that is relevant for the activities of the association.
  3. Your name, phone number and email will be shared with the cloud platforms that we use at EUROAVIA Stockholm, as they are required for our work.


You have the right to:

  1. Not have your personal information distributed to other parts.
  2. Get a printing with all the information that EUROAVIA Stockholm saved about you.
  3. Get your saved personal information corrected if they are wrong.
  4. Demand your saved personal information at EUROAVIA Stockholm to be removed​1.


By filling in the membership form and completing the payment of the membership fee of this year, I confirm that I have read and understood, and I accept the terms of the member data policy.

1 Requesting to remove all or some part of your personal data implies that you terminate your membership with EUROAVIA.