Conference Call: Lunar exploration and resource utilization

EUROAVIA Stockholm would like to invite you to our new space-related event, the online Conference Call: Lunar exploration and resource utilization

The speaker, Antoine Bocquier, systems and business engineer at ispace Europe on commercial lunar missions and double degree student at KTH, will give us an insight about the latest updates about lunar exploration. Sharing his personal experience, he will present latest lunar exploration developments, from commercial missions starting in 2022 to key technologies and challenges to solve. He will also present the potential and on-going development of space resource utilization on the Moon.

ispace is a lunar exploration company with a vision to extend human presence into outer space, by creating an economy between Earth and the Moon, utilizing lunar resources such as water ice to produce propellant. This global company develops a lander to perform commercial missions from 2022 and also builds rovers to explore the surface, including for assessing water resources and pioneering the space resources industry.

The conference will take place on Thursday, the 25th of March, at 18:00 CET via Zoom.

Members from all the EUROAVIA associations can participate and also whoever is interested to be a member of EUROAVIA Stockholm.