Conference Call: Start-upping for Engineers

We want to invite you to the online Conference Call: Start-upping for Engineers. The conference is hosted by EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna.

The speaker will be Flavio Tosi.
Member of EUROAVIA since 1987, back when he was a student, he is now part of the EUROAVIA Alumni association, where he continues to contribute to the association.
He worked in the GE Aviation corporation (USA) and he is among the first ones in Italy to have dealt with startups; since 2009 he has been working in the innovation division for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in the aerospace sector.

During the conference he will discuss his work experience, how innovation has developed in the aerospace industry in the last decade and answer your questions.

The Conference will take place on Tuesday, the 3rd of November, at 19:00 CET via Microsoft Teams.

Members from all the EUROAVIA associations can participate. To take part in the event please fill out the form below.

Don’t let this opportunity go amiss!