Conference Call: Cubesat and Space Debris

We want to invite you to the online Conference Call: Cubesat and Space Debris. The conference is hosted by EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna.

The speaker will be Niccolò Bellini, an aerospace engineer who is currently working at NPC Spacemind.
Spacemind is the aerospace division of the company N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l., focused on research and development of products dedicated to the space sector. Their goal is to become a solutions provider for nano satellite, CubeSats and space related applications offering a complete package solutions and allowing the application of scientific research to a commercial industrialized product and service.

The Conference will take place on Tuesday, the 17th of November, at 18:00 CET via Microsoft Teams.

Members from all the EUROAVIA associations can participate and also whoever is interested to be a member of EUROAVIA Stockholm.

To take part in the event please fill out the form below.

Don’t let this opportunity go amiss!