Moon Village Association

If you are excited about the future of Space Exploration, this is the right event for you as our guest Pavi Nanghaipathy will present the Moon Village Associations. MVA is a non-governmental association that fosters cooperation for existing or planned global moon exploration programs. This is your chance to get in contact with a memberContinue reading “Moon Village Association”


EUROAVIA Stockholm would like to invite you to a seminar “Startups: how to pursue your ideas“. It is our pleasure to present to you our guest speakers, Teo Rizvanovic and Victor Gonzales: both of them started the journey at KTH, and decided to pursue the entrepreneur path founding their companies starting from their innovative ideas.Continue reading “STARTUPS : HOW TO PURSUE YOUR IDEAS”

Alumni Talk: Internship Tips&Tricks by EUROAVIA Toulouse

EUROAVIA Toulouse is going to have an event about internship experience. Alumni will be sharing their experience in searching for internship opportunities. The session will be open for question at the end. We hope to see many of you on the 2nd of June. Registration can be done here More information here Credit: EUROAVIA Toulouse

Online Conference Call – Patrick Verheijen (Air Crash Investigations & Airport Security)

Message from AS Oostende AS Oostende proudly present a new conference call!Every member of EUROAVIA can take part of this event and it will be held in English. On April 22, 2021 at 16:30 UTC, EUROAVIA Oostende presents: Crash Investigations & Airport Security by Patrick Verheijen.Our guest speaker, Patrick Verheijen, is first superintendent of theContinue reading “Online Conference Call – Patrick Verheijen (Air Crash Investigations & Airport Security)”