Space Situational Awareness

Can science and technology help us protect our planet against extra-terrestrial risks? Space situational awareness (SSA) is an exciting field of research where we try to understand the Earth’s neighborhood and the effects it has on our life. KTH Space Center is proud to present the KTH Space Rendezvous Spring 2022 where experts on variousContinue reading “Space Situational Awareness”

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft

Join us as Fredrik Jaresved, the Director of Strategic Initiative and Innovation at Swedavia, presents to us the unlimited possibilities of Cargo UAVs.  These aircraft offer the potential to transport loads of 1 kg to 10 tons or more over both short and long distances, either on routes that are unfeasible / uneconomical for otherContinue reading “Unmanned Cargo Aircraft”


The speaker, Dr Evelyn Otero Sola, a vice-director of the Center for Sustainable Aviation (CSA) and an assistant professor at KTH, will give a talk about ‘Sustainable Aviation’. Since emissions from aviation correspond nowadays to one of the biggest concerns in terms of climate impact. In this talk, greenhouse gas emissions mitigation strategies in aviationContinue reading “Conference Call on SUSTAINABLE AVIATION”


YOU ARE INVITED TO EUROAVIA STOCKHOLM FIKA AND THESIS TIPSwhere you will have the possibility to chat, ask questions and know more about any thesis tips you want to know, i.e., where and how to start finding master thesis. The location of the meeting will be Teknikringen 31 Alfvénlaboratoriet, it will happen on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 from 16:00Continue reading “AEROSPACE FIKA THESIS TIPS”

Conference Call: Hybrid/Electric Blended-Wing-Body UAV with Green Raven

We would like to invite you to our aeronautical related event: Conference Call: Hybrid/Electric Blended-Wing-Body UAV, a collaboration with Green Raven. Active and alumni members of the project–Siwat “Boon” Suewatanakul, Alessandro Porcarelli, and Alfonso Penela–will be giving a talk about the project and sharing their insight experience on working on it. Siwat and Alessandro areContinue reading “Conference Call: Hybrid/Electric Blended-Wing-Body UAV with Green Raven”