ICAS 2022 Congress

Hello Euroavians,

Would you like to create new valuable contacts with the aerospace sector for your master thesis? Do you have a career within aerospace in mind? Do you like learning new things about aerospace? Maybe you want to connect to work abroad in the future? And most importantly, would you like to participate in a world congress for aerospace? 

Whichever question you answered yes to, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Euroavia is collaborating with The Swedish society of aeronautics and astronautics to give you the opportunity to work as a volunteer during the ICAS 2022 Congress that will unfold from the 4th to the 9th of September on Waterfront in Stockholm. During the congress, new research about aerospace will be presented, and an exhibition with various companies within the sector will take place with participants like Airbus, Boing, GKN, Saab, with many more. 

By being a part of the student team, you will get the chance of listening to talks, mingle, and create a network like you never have before. During the week the student team will have the responsibility for the technical parts of holding a presentation, guiding the participants of the congress, taking photos, and answering questions participants might have. On Tuesday evening, there will be a student party where we are all welcomed. 

When we have received all applications, a schedule will be created so it will fit all students. You decide on your own how much time you want to spend on the congress, but we have set a minimum limit of 2 whole days (Which could be split into 4 half days and so on). 

Here you can find out more about the program, speakers, and other things that will happen! 

To register fill out the Google form underneath: 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us!

Swedish society of aeronautics and astronautics

Louise Fischer, louisefi@kth.se

Elina Arvidsson, elinaar@kth.se

Conny Yu, ytyu@kth.se

EUROAVIA Stockholm

Laura Venturini, laura.venturini@euroavia.eu

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