D-Orbit is an Italian based company that is revolutionising the way Space logistics and Space transportation is conceived today.

In a world demanding a more agile and smart use of Space, D-Orbit is going the extra mile to guarantee broader access to Space to start-ups and companies all over the world by accompanying their customers through all the mission phases from launch to deployment.

Here is their presentation

“We have logistics everywhere on earth, so why don’t have it in space? Founded in 2011, D-Orbit is the first company to address the logistics needs of the space market, to enable the trillion-dollar space economy and human expansion in a sustainable space. ION, In Orbit Now, is a cargo satellite capable of transporting satellites in the right orbit and place, reducing by 85% the time-to-delivery and 40% the cost.

ION is a multipurpose spacecraft which deploys CubeSat in the correct orbit and then it joins the fleet of spacecraft with multiple missions, including:

  • In Orbit validation and demonstration,
  • Integrated satellite services,
  • Satellite for rent,
  • Space cloud computing infrastructure.

From 2023 and beyond, ION will perform in-orbit servicing, as well as recycling, manufacturing and infrastructure in both orbit and space.

We have offices in Italy, Fino Mornasco, UK, Portugal and USA, with cleanroom and ION production area in Fino Mornasco, the headquarter. We also have a mission control room monitored 24/7 during the course of the mission, running on Aurora proprietary”

If you are excited to get to know the company and learn more about Space logistics we invite you to sign up for our next online event with D-Orbit!

Compile the short form to be registered


Zoom Room for the event is down here


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