Space Situational Awareness

Can science and technology help us protect our planet against extra-terrestrial risks? Space situational awareness (SSA) is an exciting field of research where we try to understand the Earth’s neighborhood and the effects it has on our life.

KTH Space Center is proud to present the KTH Space Rendezvous Spring 2022 where experts on various aspects of SSA will share their insight. This includes daring space missions, asteroids, sun storms, government and military policy. The talks will be held in an all-afternoon event which will be followed by the traditional “Space Pub”. So do fill out the registration form below and don’t forget to look up!

Registration form:

KTH Space Rendezvous will be held Thursday April 21 at lecture hall F2, Lindstedvägen 26 & 28, KTH Campus. It is free to participate and the event is open to everyone!

Event Timetable

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