The speaker, Dr Evelyn Otero Sola, a vice-director of the Center for Sustainable Aviation (CSA) and an assistant professor at KTH, will give a talk about ‘Sustainable Aviation’.

Since emissions from aviation correspond nowadays to one of the biggest concerns in terms of climate impact. In this talk, greenhouse gas emissions mitigation strategies in aviation will be addressed, followed by the introduction to the concept of ‘sustainability’ and lastly, the different gas emissions will be discussed regarding their climate impact and computational modeling to understand the challenge for a reduced environmental impact. 

The main goal of this event is to gain perspective on the wide range of measures involved in sustainable aviation and also gain awareness for the critical need to support it. 

The event will be hosted at KTH main campus in Hugin and Munin, Teknikringen 8. It will also be streamed on Zoom ( for the ones that are interested but can not participate physically. We encourage you to submit questions, the guest speakers will be there to answer all of them!

The talk will take place on the 4th of November 2021, at 18:00 CET. Members from all the EUROAVIA associations can participate and also whoever is interested to be a member of EUROAVIA Stockholm.

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