EUROAVIA Stockholm would like to invite you to a seminar “Startups: how to pursue your ideas“.

It is our pleasure to present to you our guest speakers, Teo Rizvanovic and Victor Gonzales: both of them started the journey at KTH, and decided to pursue the entrepreneur path founding their companies starting from their innovative ideas. They will tell you about how they started and which opportunities to take to succeed!

In partnership with ESA BIC Sweden, there will be an informative introduction about the opportunities that their incubator can offer.

aerit” is a sustainable drone delivery service based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is the democratization of access to goods and services regardless of location, weather, time of day, or personal ability. Our delivery platform connects businesses with their customers using our Nimbi drones. Nimbi is capable of both pick-up and delivery without the need for additional infrastructure.

porkchop is developing electric propulsion systems for a type of nanosatellite known as PocketQubes. Porkchop’s mission is to become the DHL of deep space – enabling in-space logistics anywhere within the solar system.

If you are passionate about aerospace, you want to know more about how to turn an idea into reality or you are looking for career opportunities, don’t miss this event! 

The event will be hosted in Hugin Munin, Teknikringen 8 at KTH campus. It will also be streamed on Zoom ( for the ones that are interested but can not participate physically. We encourage you to submit questions, the guest speakers will be there to answer all of them!
The talk will take place on the 21st of October 2021, at 18:00 CET

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