Conference Call: Hybrid/Electric Blended-Wing-Body UAV with Green Raven

We would like to invite you to our aeronautical related event: Conference Call: Hybrid/Electric Blended-Wing-Body UAV, a collaboration with Green Raven.

Active and alumni members of the project–Siwat “Boon” Suewatanakul, Alessandro Porcarelli, and Alfonso Penela–will be giving a talk about the project and sharing their insight experience on working on it.

Siwat and Alessandro are completing a master’s degree in aerospace engineering–aeronautics track–at KTH. Alfonso is currently a CAD Engineer, Structure at Isar Aerospace and also completing a MSc in aerospace engineering–lightweight structures track–at KTH. All of their master’s thesis topics stem from the Green Raven project.

The event will be on September 30, 2021 at 18:00 CET via Zoom (

Members from all the EUROAVIA associations can participate and also whoever is interested to be a member of EUROAVIA Stockholm.

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