Conference Call: Electric Propulsion with OHB Sweden

EUROAVIA Stockholm would like to invite you to the online Conference Call: Electric Propulsion, a collaboration with OHB Sweden.

The speaker, Dr. Ashley Hallock, an in-space propulsion specialist at OHB Sweden, will give a talk about electric propulsion, the variants of electric propulsion and the theory about it, describing the concept through her own research and experience in the field.

Ashley will also talk about her own career as a propulsion engineer, and her own time at OHB Sweden.

The webinar will be more engaging than previous EUROAVIA Stockholm events, focusing more on a seminar platform discussing the concept and theory. The audience are more than welcome to participate throughout the whole exercise.

The talk will be on the 6th of May 2021 at 18:00 CET

Register here

Zoom link:

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